Thursday, April 8, 2010


Wow, it's been forever since I updated this!!!
Here goes.......
In case anyone is reading that doesn't know, Meg is not pregnant. I'm not sure what happened, all I know is how dissapointed I was when we had the ultrasound. We will be trying again with Tray and look forward to the puppies when they finally come.
We travelled with Rayne & Meg down to Camrose for BRCA spring show and 2 ASCA shows put on by the ASF club of Alberta. It was a very fun weekend that was capped off by my little girl Rayne winning BOB in the Sunday night ASCA show. The entry was about 26 aussies and some beautiful dogs were there ~ we were thrilled with the win and I want to thank my good friend Terry Stickle for her expert handling of Rayne!! It was wonderful to watch my little girl in the ring :)
Some other highlights was Ice's son Ralf (owned by Terry) winning the BOB in the ASCA show Saturday night.
ALSO ~ Breeze a girl from my Ice x Hillary litter earned her CKC Championship going Best of Winners and winners bitch twice. So proud of Sandy & Breeze

Spring is around the corner so we are very busy getting the yard going. We will be constructing my sheep fence and hope to have sheep soon to start training on for the CNASA national show this fall in Saskatoon.

that's all for now :)