Monday, October 17, 2011

Agility Trialing Again!!

Well, after 2 years away from agility (doing a few demo's and practices here and there) Meg and I entered a full weekend of trialing. She is such a good girl, qualifying in almost everything and always trying her heart out :) I love this little dog so much. Looking forward to more trialing with my little blue doggie.

I find myself reflecting alot about Ice. I miss him so much ~ 7 years was not near long enough with him........ I think of my dogs now and truly know that every day is a blessing with them cause you just never know.......

Still haven't found a house ~ who knew there wouldn't be anything available!! Good thing the couple purchasing our home aren't in a hurry!!

Enjoy the fall peeps, days are going by fast........

Seize YOUR day

Tuesday, October 4, 2011


Holds a new exciting litter on the way (I hope) Meg is due in season sometime soon and I couldn't be more excited to welcome another generation of Vispera puppies. Meg did such a great job with her last litter and all the pups are doing so well I'm excited about my new little puppy.
October is bringing changes to us, as we are in the search for a new house!! We sold our acreage to a wonderful couple with 2 little girls and decided to come into town for a few years until we find the perfect piece of land. So, house hunting here we come.
As well just came home from a 3 day grooming seminar with some of the worlds best groomers. It was truly inspiring, so glad I was able to take it in. Learned lots about running a grooming salon and how to do the little things and make your salon stand out.
Excited about the future :)