Friday, February 26, 2010

Megs up to 20"

Meg is on her second day of not eating very much. I hope she starts feeling better soon ~ but I am so excited about this litter!! She is starting to get a little belly on her and it looks funny on her cute little usually trim frame. Camryn was a big help today with Meg. She was hand feeding Meg for a good chunk of the afternoon, she is going to be a big help when the puppies come!! It shows what a great temperment Meg has. She will put up with anything from Camryn.......

Here are a few pics of Meg & Camryn and one of Meg already with a "pregnancy" sit. If she only knew how uncomfortable it's really going to get for her..........

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Megs pregnancy

My little girl Meg is coping well so far with her pregnancy. She looks very different than a few weeks ago, she has noticeably filled out and yesterday she must have been feeling a bit sickly as she wouldn't finish her breakfast.....
I am so excited for this litter ~ I have some really great homes lined up for these pups. They are very lucky little Aussies and they aren't even born yet :)
a few more short weeks and we will see her brood.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Winter Fun

With the Olympics on right now it gives a person an overwhelming feeling to get outside and be active (at least me) so I have been taking the dogs for long walks when I can squeeze them in. I'm not working right now so you would think that I would have lots of free time but I am keeping myself busy with a few projects. Yesterday we had some family out and had a fun day of sledding and firing up a few skidoo's to have some fun. It was a great day capped off by Alex winning Canada's FIRST Gold in the Men's moguls. It brought me to tears considering his families story and if anyone hasn't seen what this young man did for his country & family please tune in and watch. With that here are a few pics of the crew here at Vispera playing.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Yesterday was a very exciting day, after a week without Meg it was time to go get her. She was visiting her new boyfriend Tray at the Swede-Lee farm and I want to thank Lill & Jerry for taking such great care of her ~ I'm sure she would have stayed without missing us one bit!
So, we will know in a few short weeks if her vacation was worth it :)
I am so excited for this litter of pups, it will be my second litter and like all mothers who are expecting their second child I am going to remember all my previous mistakes and make sure I don't do that again!!
My previous litter turned out very nice (I think) they are all in loving homes and I get regular updates on everybody (keep em coming!!) but there are still some things I would like to improve on. I was diligent the first 3 days with record keeping and then I just didn't find the time/energy to keep it up so that is first on my list to "do better". Another thing I want to improve on is to get them up on the table quicker and more frequently so picture taking won't be as frustrating :)
I was able to take the dogs out for a stroll this afternoon and snap a few pics of the crew here. Ice was the most accomodating ~ and the one dog I really wanted updated pics of "Meg" was very uncooperative! figures eh??
Will keep you updated on Meg's progress!!
Feb 6th ~ stomach is 17 inches round.