Monday, May 3, 2010


I just wanted to write a little bit about Meg. I didn't plan on getting Meg from Cathy when the litter was born but some things happened in my life and I felt like I needed a little puppy. So, from the moment I saw the little sausage with the full copper face I knew I wanted her. Poor Shane (my husband) didn't even really have a choice. I just showed him a picture and said that this was our new puppy. He wasn't pleased but he knew better than to argue......
One lovely summer day I headed down to pick up my new pup from Cathy with Shane & my good friend Shelley and it was love at first site. She was the cutest little thing.........until we started home.......... She was in a crate and SCREAMED the whole hour home. It was a horrible sound LOL. I was still in love though.
Meg has been a treat since she came home, she has a passion for drywall, especially when she can fit her feet through the smallest hole in her crate to pick away at it. She also had a choice as a puppy to chew up my very expensive CHI hair straightener or my $10.00 hair dryer and guess which one she chose? All from within her crate mind you........
The really great things about Meg are that she loves everyone. She especially loves Camryn (our daughter) and will put up with anything. She will also try anything! She is honestly a great little agility dog and if I had more time to get to a few trials she would have a ton of letters behind her name.
I am taking her to a herding clinic in a few weekends and I can't wait. The few times she has been on stock she has been a star. She is a fabulous little worker.
My favorite memory of Meg right now is a few weeks ago we were in Camrose at the spring dog show and we had an ASCA show on the sunday night. We needed 1 more bitch to make it a major so I threw the little blue dynamo Meg in to make enough bitches. I wasn't feeling so well so my good friend Terry was handling Rayne and I asked her daughter Taylor to handle Meg.
Meg was thrilled to be with this great young handler!!! She spend most of the time going around the ring jumping up and down and when Taylor tried to stack her it was like trying to corral a monkey!! Meg was flipping on her back and spinning around because she was so thrilled that she was with Taylor.
It was a huge hit with the audience and I was thinking "Taylor, if you can handle this little weasel in there, you can handle anything!!"
Taylor went on to win her class with the little monkey!! It was unbelievable and I will always cherish that moment :)
Thanks Taylor :)

And thanks to Cathy for my little blue girl. She is a favorite around here :)