Friday, August 20, 2010

Summer is slipping away

I am taking a few moments to upload a few pics from today. I haven't had a chance to take any pictures this summer. Things have been so busy. It always bothers me when things get to hectic because life is too short not to be doing things you absolutely love. I'm at a pretty good place right now, have a family I love, dogs I love, a store I love, a business partner I love and many many friends. It's just hard to sometimes find the time to fit everything in.....
Today I spent the day at home with Camryn and we had a wonderful day together, cleaning/playing and getting into mischief :)

I am looking forward to hitting the road with Rayne in a few weeks to the CNASA Nationals in Saskatoon. I'm going to catch up with aussie folks and family. I hope that Rayne & I do well but I'm going to be thrilled just to be there :)

Remember to always enjoy the day.............

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Latest News

Where has the summer gone??? It seems like only yesterday the kids were getting out of school and now they are already getting ready to go back!!
Things with me and my family are great. We have been so busy with the acreage/new store and general life that I haven't had much time to sit and reflect.

We are still impatiently waiting for Meg to come into season so she can go visit her boyfriend Tray. Not sure what she is waiting for........

The new store "Hound Junkie" is going very well. It is so satisfying coming into work knowing its yours and not having to answer to anyone. It's a lot of work and stress but I know it's going to be worth it. We are developing some great relationships with some of our regular customers........

I am also gearing up for the CNASA Nationals this Sept 1-5 in Saskatoon. It's going to be a blast to meet up with so many aussie people and see all the great dogs. I am only taking Rayne with me. I was hoping to have Meg ready to compete in the arena trials but with only 1 clinic under our belt and no training time since then we are no where near ready to compete. So, Rayne and I will head up there and play in the confirmation ring.

I am also planning on getting my 2 girls back into agility training. Both girls are going to be great ~ I just have to make the time to train.

Will hopefully get some new pics of the crew in the next few weeks :)