Sunday, January 24, 2010


We are home and had the most wonderful time in Vegas. It was extremely hard leaving Camryn ~ I cried a little bit but when we left Lloyd I started to get excited. I always thought I was afraid to fly, I'm not sure why but after zipping across the country a few times last year I realized that I LOVE it, and I told Shane he could surprise me sometime with flying lessons :) (subtle eh??)
So we took off and I was thrilled ~ it was a very smooth flight with us landing in Vegas at approx 10pm. We checked in quickly then headed out to the "strip". It was amazing ~ because it was the eve of Martin Luther King day the place was buzzing. We had the greatest time. Nothing really exciting to report, except we had a wonderful time, came home safe and I am so glad to be home.

I start agility classes tomorrow night with Rayne and am looking forward to working with her. She is a very smart little pup and should catch on easily.

We are still waiting "impatiently" for Ms.Meg to come into season so she can go visit Tray. I am so excited about this litter of working pups.

But I must run ~ Shane is upstairs making our traditional sunday morning breakfast and it smells just about ready...........

Monday, January 11, 2010

This past weekend was finally a warm one. With less than a week before Shane & I leave for sunny Vegas this silly country decides to warm up! Well, we will take the warm weather whenever it comes! Like any true Canadian when the weather turns warm we bundled up and headed outdoors. One of the hobbies of my family is to collect sheds, not a wooden structure that you put your garden tools in but the pointy hard cartlidge headgear that fall off male deer. If your reading this and your not from the prairies you are probably thinking how silly this may seem, but to us out here it's a great past time that provides family bonding and great exercise.

So, off the 3 of us went with the dogs "up north" to put some grain out for the deer and look for sheds. Deer sheds aren't normally dropped this early but once in a while you can find 1 or 2. There is something so special about being in the wilderness with hardly a noise, just your thoughts and the occasional bird chirping.......that is until you have 3 aussie's blow past you!! The dogs had a great time running in the bush. So many new sights & smells. Unfortunately I didn't get any pictures........

I am looking forward to Vegas next week and can't believe my Mom agreed to take care of the place here! She is the best mom ever!!! and she has no idea what she's in for........:)
I will write after I get back with pics from VEGAS!!!