Monday, October 18, 2010


We are in the last few weeks of Meg's pregnancy and I am getting very excited!! I have so many great homes lined up for this lot of pups!
Meg is still being very sucky and doesn't have a great appetite.

We are having a wonderful fall with many nice warm days. It is this time of year I so wish I had a nice horse to get out on. The crops are down so it's free range to ride anywhere and we live close to a gully that is beautiful this time of year.
We will have to wait till next year I guess......... as fencing didn't happen this year like it was suppose too.....

Stay tuned for puppy updates!!

Monday, October 4, 2010

Puppies at Vispera

Well, after 2 years I can say that we will once again have puppies at Vispera. Meg is halfway through her pregnancy and I am so excited to finally have puppies from this amazing little girl. She is such a neat dog to ahve around and spend time with. She has been lucky enough to be spending her time at Hound Junkie with me for the past few days...... She is very good company. She is also getting some special attention at home, sneaking into our bedroom at night ;)

I rub her belly everyday seeing if maybe it grew over night. I'm looking forward to seeing what little bundles we end up with and watching them grow. Camryn is now 3 and I'm sure will be mommys little helper when the puppies come :)

Trying to get the yard all cleaned up before the snow flies, we have so much oats/alfalfa growing wildly around our place it's hard to get a handle on it. We have managed to get quite a bit of grass planted this year considering how wet and cold it was this summer.........

Will keep you updated on Meg's progress!