Sunday, February 7, 2010

Yesterday was a very exciting day, after a week without Meg it was time to go get her. She was visiting her new boyfriend Tray at the Swede-Lee farm and I want to thank Lill & Jerry for taking such great care of her ~ I'm sure she would have stayed without missing us one bit!
So, we will know in a few short weeks if her vacation was worth it :)
I am so excited for this litter of pups, it will be my second litter and like all mothers who are expecting their second child I am going to remember all my previous mistakes and make sure I don't do that again!!
My previous litter turned out very nice (I think) they are all in loving homes and I get regular updates on everybody (keep em coming!!) but there are still some things I would like to improve on. I was diligent the first 3 days with record keeping and then I just didn't find the time/energy to keep it up so that is first on my list to "do better". Another thing I want to improve on is to get them up on the table quicker and more frequently so picture taking won't be as frustrating :)
I was able to take the dogs out for a stroll this afternoon and snap a few pics of the crew here. Ice was the most accomodating ~ and the one dog I really wanted updated pics of "Meg" was very uncooperative! figures eh??
Will keep you updated on Meg's progress!!
Feb 6th ~ stomach is 17 inches round.

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