Monday, October 17, 2011

Agility Trialing Again!!

Well, after 2 years away from agility (doing a few demo's and practices here and there) Meg and I entered a full weekend of trialing. She is such a good girl, qualifying in almost everything and always trying her heart out :) I love this little dog so much. Looking forward to more trialing with my little blue doggie.

I find myself reflecting alot about Ice. I miss him so much ~ 7 years was not near long enough with him........ I think of my dogs now and truly know that every day is a blessing with them cause you just never know.......

Still haven't found a house ~ who knew there wouldn't be anything available!! Good thing the couple purchasing our home aren't in a hurry!!

Enjoy the fall peeps, days are going by fast........

Seize YOUR day

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