Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Another weekend of trialing :))

Meg was good as gold again... Competing in 6 runs and qualifying in 5 out of them ~ earning 3 titles this past weekend!! Now if she would only listen to me and come into season........ I am eagerly awaiting as I'm so excited for my next pup! And we have so many great homes lined up.......

Rayne has been participating in agility classes and doing amazing! She has impressed me so much and reminds me of her daddy in every way. She is smart and quick and is loving all the equipment. I'm very excited about our competition career together...

Spent last week packing for our big move back into the city, I'm sure not going to miss the drive in on the icy roads. Will really like not having to plan an extra 1/2 hour for the drive.... but will miss country living, but my hubby already has our next house built picked out so I don't anticipate we will not be in the city long.

Stay warm and have some hot chocolate :)

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