Saturday, March 6, 2010

pregnancy progressing.........

Meg is on day 31 today (approx.) and seems to be gaining her appetite back. I have started her on some puppy food with cottage cheese mixed in and she seems to like it. She hasn't grown very much this past week so I hope she will start filling out soon. She definately has a "different" body shape but she's not as big as I thought she would be at this stage of the game. She is loving being the only dog in the house on the nice comfy cushion, the others are banished outside right now just because it's soooo muddy and with our home only being 6mths old I want to keep it looking as nice as I can for as long as I can :)

We weren't able to get much grass seeded before winter set in so we are virtually in a mudhole except for our driveway which thank heavens we decided to get professionally done. It was 3 HUGE loads of gravel and alot of shaping but it has made a world of difference........

Will keep updating as Meg progresses.

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