Friday, June 11, 2010


what a busy few months. I'm sure nobody will even read this as they are sick of coming to this blog only to find the same old rant. But I will post what has been happening anywyay.....
It's been a looonnnngggggg 3 months but I can finally say that my project is finally up and running!! A friend of mine and I opened up a new store in Lloydminster called "Hound Junkie". It's an upscale Horse & Hound Boutique store, that we are in love with!! It's a joy to come to work everyday and know that you built this wonderful space.

I did happen to sneak away the May Long weekend and attend a herding clinic with Meg. It was with Dave & Trudy Vicklund and although I'm sure Dave is a wonderful instructor Meg & I spend all 3 days with Trudy. I am so impressed with both Meg & Trudy!! Not once did I scream or yell at my dog and by day 3 she was covering her stock nicely and was even thoughtfull and responsive. Meg is very one sided so we have to work on that.........
here is a link to Meg working. Thanks to Billie for taking the video.

I will be posting updated pics of our store as I can.........

Bye for now.

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