Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Puppies are HERE!!!

I know I'm 2 weeks behind....... :(

Puppies arrived Nov 3rd. A wonderful litter of 7 puppies, 1 little red boy and his 6 sisters of various colors :)
I am over joyed with this litter!!! Couldn't have "ordered" a better combination. Meg didn't have any trouble with delivery starting with the little boy at 10:30 and finishing up with a blue girl at 5:30.
I am already very attached to them all and it's going to be difficult to give them to their new homes but I have such GREAT homes for these pups I know they are going to do great things and have a very loving homelife.

I will keep everyone updated as often as I can :)


  1. Oh they are beautiful. But being Aussie I guess I'm a little bias! A wonderful litter

  2. They are just beautiful, cute and loveable!!!!
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