Monday, January 9, 2012


Hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas ~ I sure did :) Time with family is most important and we had a wonderful few days. Above is a picture of Camryn, she was a blast this Christmas......

We have had some very unseasonable temperatures this winter and it continues into January... Yesterday was +9!! That is crazy to me.....I hear though that the cold weather is just around the corner next week...
I'm off work all next week so going to concentrate on my basement and get that organized. I want to make a sewing corner as well as a photography corner. Lots to organize but will be nice when it's all done.
Doing tons with the dogs ~ Rayne is continuing training in agility and I am so proud of her. She is a smart little lass and I'm hoping June she will be ready to enter our first trial together. I refuse to enter a trial until I can trust that my dog is confident enough.... too many bad things can happen and then need to be fixed by rushing. So we are just gonna keep training away and having fun. I constantly remind my students that the dogs did not choose to do agility, yes they enjoy it but they don't choose to pack up and drive to the arena so whatever they give us is all a bonus. So, even though I can get frustrated I always keep that mantra playing through my head and it keeps me focused on having fun with my crew!

Everyone have a great day!

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