Monday, May 7, 2012

Puppies are Here :))

We are so excited about this next crop of Vispera Aussies. This is a litter I have dreamed about for a few years and they are finally here :) Rayne started whelping Friday night about 9-10 I could see that look in her eye. So, I pulled up the recliner and slept beside the my girl for the night. By Saturday morning things were happening! At noon the cutest little blue girl was born, then about an hour later the boy that I instantly fell in love with came into this world. Then it got interesting, about an hour later the third water broke but no puppy, I only waited a few minutes before getting worried and calling the vet, we made the decision to get Rayne down there and try to get the last puppy out. I was very scared but with the expert work of our vet we safely delivered a very big healthy girl! Another gorgeous blue girl :) So, I have 3 beautiful babies to love and cuddle....

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