Thursday, January 13, 2011

Deep Freeze in The North

So, haven't blogged in a while....... Realized that I am going to try to keep up this regular ~ even if nobody reads it it's nice to have a record of the past.....

The past few months have been busy and I am trying to calm things down. Of course that's easier said than done ~ With Shane being gone most of January I find myself as a single mom (kinda) running a business as Tara took some much needed time off this January ~ so things are still hectic but not like December was.
December was filled with a growing litter of puppies ~ trying to get them out the door before I left. All but 3 were able to travel to their new homes and all settled in just fine :) It is very rewarding to get those excited emails from the new puppy people saying how they just love their new sidekick. Rojo & Lia (Trouble) made their way home early January and little "Snooki" or her name May will be travelling home Feb 16th (my birthday). I am really enjoying having the little squirt with me, she has been making regular visit's to the store and learning how to get into Trouble! She is one of the busiest puppies I have ever known.. Rarely sleeping ~ I hope they won't send her back!!! :)

It is very cold this week so dogs are in x-pens in the heated garage when I'm at the store ~ not ideal but better than the -37 degrees outside....

Trip to Jamaica was wonderful ~ would definately recommend to anyone thinking of going there. Camryn was the greatest little traveller! On the way down it was a 12 hr ordeal from when we left Edmonton at 3am to when we got into our resort that night late..... She never fussed once, slept when she was tired and took in all the sights/sounds. Christmas on the beach was so much fun! I would love to go every 3 or so years and have Christmas on the beach.....we will see :)

Hopefully this deep freeze lets up soon..... -10 would feel balmy right now!!!

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