Monday, March 14, 2011

Middle of March already......

Geez, where is this year going? Things are pretty quiet around here. I am enjoying a day off today and have accomplished alot! Cleaned bathrooms, floors, laundry is all caught up (even dog bedding!!)Baked cinnamon buns and bread.... Garage is cleaned out and crates rearranged.... I know I'm obsessed with crates because I have at least 20 and keep rearranging them.... (for 3 dogs??)

Looking forward to best friend Tara's upcoming Rottie litter. The whole whelping process is probably my favorite. I love holding those brand new babies as they take their first breaths! Tara's rottie girl is a big girl and with just under a week to go we are excited! I have my overnight bag packed for when that call comes :)

As I look outside I can still imagine my dream of having 20-30 sheep and a few paddocks to work them..... I know this year isn't going to be a reality but I hope soon...
I really want to become a herding judge and can't wait to get trialling my dogs again and get on the path to become one.. I spent some very valuable time with a friend/mentor Heather Forbes last summer at Dog Tale Ranch and she cemented in me my love of judging and why I want to stand out in the sun and watch dog after dog try to achieve that perfect run........

Well, off to find something else to clean or bake....... hmmmmm

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