Sunday, March 6, 2011

Ramblings for March

So, I am now a puppy free house :) With May making the big trek to Finland (and doing fabulous) and Kalila's gramma home from Mexico I am back down to my regular crew. It seems like such a leisurely life after a few months of chaos......
Funny story about puppy "May". A week after she left I had a customer in our store and she spotted Kalila and Oak (2 Meg puppies) that were visiting with me and asked what kind of dogs are those? I told her Australian Shepherds and she said "Oh, my husband met a couple last week in Calgary who were from Finland to pick up one of those kind of dogs" I was almost speechless and said "That was my puppy" she promptly informed me that it could not be MY puppy as the puppy the finland puppy were picking up had a tail ~ and since these 2 puppies had no tails it certainly couldn't be the same litter. After a little chuckle, I said "Yes, indeed that would have been my puppy and asked if the couples names were Lotta and Toumas........ she seemed surprised that yes, those were their names......and how would I know that ;)
It is such a small world that a customer of mine would have a connection with people visiting here from Finland to pick up a puppy from me :)

Yesterday best friend Tara and I headed to Edmonton to get supplies for her exciting litter of Rottie puppies she is expecting. This is Tara's first litter and I am so excited she has let me be a part of it :) It is going to be very different to help whelp a litter of puppies that all look exactly the same!! Tara has all her supplies, just needs to get the whelping box built and we are expecting puppies (via frozen semen) March 20th. Abbey (rottie mom) is sure big with still over 2 weeks to go...... I love helping and learning so this is going to be both for me.

The Camrose show is 2 weeks away and I am so looking forward to getting away for a night with best friend Shelley and hangin with dog show folks :) It's been a while....... I will not be showing anything this show unfortunately ~ but soaking up all the experience :)

And I have to include a funny Camryn story...... Camryn is the light of my life ~ she makes me laugh more than anyone I know (and if you know Shane, I live with a pretty funny guy :) she is the best snuggler (besides Meg) and I love hanging out with her. Every day, EVERY SINGLE DAY, she asks to go back to Jamaica........I told her that Jamaica costs a lot of money and mommy and daddy don't have lots of money ~ well Ms. Camryn being the sweetheart she is, looked up at me with those innocent eyes and said "Mommy, you can have my money...." how sweet is that!

Well, It's a lazy Sunday morning, we just finished pancakes and bacon and are looking forward to a movie date with Camryn this afternoon and maybe a game of ball with my crew before we go :)

Enjoy your day!

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