Saturday, February 19, 2011

May Arrives in Finland

So happy that little May had a great trip and has settled in over in Finland. Looking forward to following her and Netta and know they will have a great lifetime together!
Things are settled down here and it's so nice. I have a few funny Camryn stories..... out of the mouths of babes,

Camryn asked when we were driving home the other night "where is May", to which I explained that May was on a plane to her new mommy. Camryn was quiet for a moment and then tells me "I have a new mommy too!, and I have to go on a plane to Jamaica to see her" when your 3 life is full of opportunity ~ including gaining a new mommy in
Sometimes the best talks are on our way home, it's not a long drive, only 20 minutes or so but it is enough time to hear all about her day at daycare and who pushed who, who her best friends are and what her teacher said.......I love our drive home talks :)

Looking forward to the March Camrose dog show to catch up with some friends I haven't seen in a while. Won't be showing dogs much this year as concentrating on getting the store up and going strong before I take some time out to dog show.

Driving into work this morning it was a balmy -35! With the windchill it is around -47.... too cold for me........ Hope it warms up soon ~ hard on everyone when it's this cold.

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