Tuesday, February 1, 2011

I just wanted to Drive.........

So having a three year old in ones life is always full of entertainment! Camryn is a delightful child always telling us stories and she definately has her own mind about things. The other night I was lucky enough to have my sister pick her up from Daycare and take her to our mom's so I could work with a few people and their dogs. When I went to pick Camryn up everything seemed fine until we got loaded up in the good ole explorer to head home. Then the fireworks started ~ I wasn't quite prepared for the onslaught of tears, wailing and for the life of me couldn't figure out what the problem was! After screaming the entire way home and telling me she was less than pleased we arrived home ~ where Camryn to her dismay realized Shane (daddy) wasn't home.....and was going to be stuck with me. Still mad and distraught she collapsed in a cuddle with me on the couch where I was finally able to pry out of her why she was sooooo mad....... She said "Momma, I just wanted to drive" sniff, sniff..... Well, what to say to a 3 year old turning 15??? I chuckled and explained to her that even though she "is" a big girl she isn't big enough to drive........
This goes hand in hand with me finding her in my bathroom applying makeup the other morning.... *sigh* where is the time going????

Dog update: Still have little May at home with me for another few weeks. She makes regular trips to the store for socialization. It has been so cold here this past month it's much to cold to leave her at home. She is a delightful little pup that is very very busy. I can't wait to repeat this cross down the road.

The big dogs are all doing great. Rayne is blowing coat which seems absurd since it's -39 here!! Meg and Ice are going to be getting out more at agility practice. Just decided I have to suck it up and put myself and my dogs first for a while..... So ~ agility practice here we come!!! Going to try to get Camryn to start working Ice a little. He is such a well behaved boy I know they will be a great team in the years to come!

Looking forward to some warm weather soon!!

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