Monday, May 16, 2011

Catching up.........

Well how time flies.......days seem to march by quickly these days ~ maybe it's the 100+ hour winds we have been having this last week!
Was able to make a trek to Provost to visit with Mentor Cathy and good friends Deb and Terry and Terry's lovely litter of puppies. These pups are special to me as they are Ice's Grandbabies. What a lovely lovely bunch of puppies ~ fell in love with all of them and would love to bring one home if I had room/time for another little soul........need to concentrate on the kids here first.

Congrats to Talise & Pauline (Meg x Tray daughter)for picking up their first leg in Novice Rally Obedience over the weekend. Talise is just over 6 months old and from pics and video's Pauline sends is doing great! Will enjoy watching this team.......

Also Congrats to Jo & Rojo (another Meg Tray puppy) as they entered their first conformation show over the weekend. From what Jo says Rojo did very well ~ with his only competition being his housemate "Gunny" (a mature male) this show was a good learning experience.

Looking forward to the Herding Clinic/Trials coming up this June in Central Alberta. 4 days of catching up and gaining herding experience from people much more experienced than I.......(If you would like more info email me at

Looking forward to some nice warm weather and getting out in the yard ~ hope you do the same!

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