Sunday, September 4, 2011

saying goodbye........

Is never easy ~ In August we said goodbye to a wonderful freind, sidekick, babysitter and one of the greatest aussies I have ever met and had the wonderful opportunity to share my life with. Ice left us after a short battle with was quick and took him swiftly. We will miss him dearly.

Things are moving quickly into September already ~ was planning on going to a herding clinic the first weekend in Sept but life got in the way... So sad and dissapointed I missed out on Dave & Trudy Vicklund and their invaluable teachings, but also on the great company a herding clinic provides.

Looking forward to a few things over the next few months (Meg x Walker litter) Camrose show and also the Lloydminster show where I get to watch 2 friends take their Rottie pups in the ring for the first time :) I know they will do great!!

Still enjoying taking pics whenever I can and feeling my way around's a lot to learn but it's coming :)

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