Monday, August 8, 2011

July flew by!

Well, where did July go??? Spent most of the month working but was able to slip away to a few things ~ went to a 2 day ASCA show as well as to the lake for 2 nights with great friends. Storms have been plaguing our area so getting anything done is tedious........ Have wonderful family that came and helped us out while we were at the lake. They prepped 2 area's for seeding to grass as well as dug in some flowerbeds for us.......words can't describe our gratitude for their thoughtfulness and hard work!
I'm intently watching Meg as she should be coming into season early Sept.... I am so excited about this cross and can't wait to have puppies again! There have been so many nice litters this summer........
Continuing to shoot my camera anywhere I can. This past weekend was able to do a few pics at our Agility Demo in Clandonald.

Looking forward to Camryn's 4th birthday party later this month ~ we will be having a Black Beauty Theme........

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