Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Dog Show Weekends

As I am preparing for my much anticipated "weekend away" at the Saskatoon Dog Show the nerves are starting to creep in. I am nervous because of a few things:
A) It is a BIG aussie entry with many experienced handlers.
B) My little girl Rayne is from my very (only) litter I have had to date
C) I want to do well and not fall on my face!!!
I bathed/blow dried and trimmed Rayne Monday night in the hopes that I made any huge mistakes with my scissors 5 days would be enough time for the hair to grow back and also to try to get some nice natural photo's of her around the yard. I am very happy with how I trimmed her ears and feet but unfortunately ran out of light to get any pics of her and by the time the next morning rolled around her white collar and front legs had turned to black because we don't have grass alas, I will just have to wait to the weekend to see her pretty white legs again.
Wish us luck!!!

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