Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Living in the Country

Ahhhhh ~ the country life. There is nothing like getting up when the sun is rising, for those that may not be morning people this is around 6am, hopping on the quad and taking the dogs for a run..........
This was what I did this a.m. We go about 3km's roundtrip and always stop half way to investigate something along the way. This gives the dogs a nice break and lets me connect with the day.
This morning was no different except when I stopped Ice came around the front of the quad and his beautiful white collar was crimson, CRIMSON!!! Eeeehhhhh gad I said "What did you do???" Upon closer inspection his young impulsive daughter "Rayne" had grabbed his ear and tore a small hole in it and as we went down the country road blood was spurting out his ear and spraying his neck. By the time we stopped the bleeding had stopped but it was still a ghastly site. Ice is the kind of stoic dog that never whimpers when he feels pain, never gives up is something becomes difficult so of course he would never let me know what happened and would NEVER tell his daughter to smarten up.

aahhhhh ~ the country life ~

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