Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Decisions, Decisions

Back in December of last year when Hillary surprised & delighted us with 6 little bundles I was so thrilled with all of them but as always their were 2 that really snuggled in close to my heart, it was the blk tri (Rayne) and we all know how that has worked out :) but the other was the little black girl that was marked just like her daddy, this little girl was always so silly & smart and cute as a button. I nicknamed her Breeze and week after week it kept switching between her and Rayne on who I was going to keep. All the other puppies went to their new families and I still had these two girls and could not decide what to do ~ when one day I had a nice email show up in my box from Sandy.
I have to say that I truly believe EVERYTHING happens for a reason and I was hanging onto Breeze FOR Sandy. They were meant to be together. Sandy has 3 beautiful, wonderful kids and a very supportive husband and Breeze couldn't be in a better home. Sandy & her family were able to join us in Camrose and show off Breeze (who picked up her first point). I love how this little girl has grown up. She is a fantastic mover with a beautiful head. I can't wait to hear how Breeze does down the road in Sandy's hands ~ and am looking forward to a great friendship with Sandy :)
Thanks for giving my little a great home :)

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