Sunday, November 15, 2009

There really is something special about kids and pets. We had Meg before we had Camryn but I believe that Meg was put here for Camryn. She is so incredibly patient, no matter what Camryn wants to do with her, lead her around on a leash, brush her for hours, paint her toenails even, Meg is always up for the attention.
Meg is a very special dog, always knowing when someone is hurt or not feeling well and knowing how to respond. When Camryn received her 3mth needles we came home and I layed Camryn on the floor. Within 2 minutes Meg was sniffing Camryn all over and had laid her head ever so gently across Camryn's leg where she had the needle. I have never seen anything like it ~ since that day I have watched Meg and she will always inspect you for any cuts/scrapes and try to make them feel better. I can't wait to see how her puppies turn out and if they will carry on this nurturing trait.

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